"Be Patient and take your time to get it right"

You may need to adjust the amount of 'overhang' or length of the  SenSlip Foreskin  to fit the penis.  It is strongly recommended that you do not do this until you are familiar with fitting and feel of the  SenSlip.  If you are going to change the length (shorten) the  SenSlip  then use a sharp pair of scissors and cut the ribbed part of the  SenSlip  in line and parallel with the manufacturer's cut.  Eventually you will arrive at the required length.  Just cut a little at a time, and then try it and see.

It is a good idea that you only wear the SenSlip for a few hours a day to start with.  When you become more familiar with the product, you will want to wear it all day.  The SenSlip Foreskin should be a 'snug' fit but never too tight.  The  SenSlip  is designed to be on the penis all day, you may need to make minor adjustments to the SenSlip when you visit the bathroom.

3)  Caring & Looking After Your SenSlip Foreskin

To obtain the maximum benefit from your  SenSlip Foreskin, please obsercve the following points.

The  SenSlip Foreskin  should only be worn during your conscious hours to start with.

The  SenSlip Foreskin  is a flexible, expandable and adjustable undergarment.  If an erection occurs whilst wearing the SenSlip , the flex in the  SenSlip  should be acceptable.  If it is not, remove it from the penis.  Common sense prevails.  If for any reason the SenSlip becomes uncomfortable then take it off!  It is meant to be more comfortable to wear the  SenSlip  than to not wear it.  Do not confuse this with foreskin restoration or penis enlargement where these processes offer discomfort or pain from the start.

Never use the  SenSlip Foreskin  if you have any open wound, sore or infection of the genital area.  (Yes...you could say that an exposed glans is an 'open wound' ! ) 

Be careful to not overstretch the  SenSlip Foreskin  when fitting or removing.  The life of the  SenSlip Foreskin  can be greatly increased by treating it with care. 

Do not let the  SenSlip  come into contact with any   OIL BASED LUBRICANTS,  LOTIONS,  CREAMS  or OINTMENTS.  It will degrade very quickly if you do. 

The  SenSlip Foreskin  has been designed to act as an artificial Foreskin to promote sensitivity. It is NOT a sex toy or sex aid and should NEVER be inserted into any part of the body.

The  SenSlip Foreskin  can be exposed to a small amount of water or dampness.  We suggest that you remove it and then dry it carefully.  Use Talcum Powder  (baby powder) when re-applying the  SenSlip Foreskin  to the penis.

The  SenSlip Foreskin  can be washed daily.  Hand wash the  SenSlip  with a very small amount of natural soap and then rinse the  SenSlip.  Dry the  SenSlip  overnight or as required.  Use Talcum Powder to re-apply the  SenSlip  when dry.

This product contains natural rubber latex. The residual natural proteins may cause allergic reactions.  Safe use of this product by or on latex-sensitive individuals has not been established.

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When the  SenSlip Foreskin  is worn on the penis, immediate protection is provided and over a short period of time the 'natural' process of 'de-keratinisation' and 're-sensitisation' of the glans begins.  A noticeable increase in sensitivity can be achieved naturally within ten to fourteen days.  The  SenSlip Foreskin  is not suitable for men under the age of eighteen. 

" The vast majority of the world's adult male population are intact. For all the right reasons, they wish to keep the foreskin they were born with"   they know.

With both hands hold the ribbed end of the SenSlip and gently roll back the dark pink/brown surface over the glans and shaft of the penis until the ribbed part of the SenSlip is firmly against the pubic area.  The surface now showing is the surface which was 'inside out' when you first removed the SenSlip from it's foil package. You should now have the inside of the  SenSlip  in contact with the shaft skin of your penis. 

You may find that you have to make several attempts to get this right.  It is definitely well worth getting it right.  Remember, the Trial Size Pack has four separate sizes.  If after a few attempts you are struggling, try another size.  It will work and when it does, you should be exquisitely comfortable.  You will notice just how much comfort and protection the  SenSlip  can provide, from the moment you start wearing it.

(Most of our long term users of the  SenSlip  had problems fitting the SenSlip at first)  The glans part of the penis should now be covered with a double layer of the  SenSlip Foreskin.  The shaft of the penis should now be covered with a single layer of the  SenSlip Foreskin  with the ribbed part firmly at the base of the penis.


The World Wide Web has many historic  pictures and fitting instructions from us, and from other eager SenSlip users from 2005. 

These relate to previous versions of the SenSlip, so please ignore them.  This website 'senslip-foreskin' has the updated information.

On opening the foil package, you will notice that the  SenSlip Foreskin  is 'Inside Out" .  You will see that the SenSlip Foreskin has an 'upside' or 'front' and an 'underside' or 'back'  ( see picture)

The underside of the  SenSlip will eventually be positioned on the underside of the penis.  The upside or front will eventually be on the front or upside.  The longest part of the SenSlip Foreskin is the 'upside' or front.  The ribbed part of the SenSlip will eventually be at the base of the penis when fitted correctly. 

With the use of talcum powder, gently stretch open the portion of the SenSlip which is 'glans' shaped and pull it over the head of the penis.

Pull the shaped part of the SenSlip so that it covers the glans without discomfort.

At this stage if you are struggling, please be aware that the SenSlip should not be too tight or too loose.  You may need another size.  When you have covered the glans completely without discomfort, you will see the rest of the SenSlip hanging forward from the penis.  This is correct. at this stage. 

Manufacturing the SenSlip Foreskin

2005 - 2023

SenSlip Foreskin 2023 Fitting Guide

      2005 - 2023

 2005 - 2023

2005 - 2023

2)  Fitting & Wearing Your SenSlip Foreskin

Please take time and patience.  This way you will achieve the best results from your new  SenSlip Foreskin.  The foil package containing the  SenSlip is re-usable and can be used later for storage.

To Start :  You will need to be clean and dry.  Have some talcum powder (baby powder) at hand.  If this is the very first time you have used the  SenSlip Foreskin, then you may need to take a little extra time to ensure that you are getting the best and most comfortable results.  When worn correctly, the  SenSlipForeskin  should be of the utmost comfort. 

The  SenSlip  is a tube constructed from the finest pre-vulcanised  latex.  When the  SenSlip  is fitted correctly it becomes a double layered tube, anatomically shaped to fit the head and shaft of the penis.  The two layers are breathable.

Circumcised ? ...   Using the SenSlip Foreskin Increases Sensitivity

SenSlip* Foreskin  ... is a 'Registered Trademark'

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Thank you for visiting the SenSlip - Foreskin website.  This website is dedicated to providing fitting information only for the SenSlip Artificial Foreskin.

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                        SenSlip* Foreskin  

        The Artificial Foreskin For Circumcised Men

                   Instructions For Use

The following instructions should be read carefully before

using the SenSlip*  Foreskin.

1)  How The SenSlip Foreskin Works

2)  Fitting & Wearing Your SenSlip

3)  Looking After Your SenSlip

1)  How The SenSlip Works

The SenSlip Foreskin  has been designed as an artificial or

synthetic foreskin for the circumcised penis.  When a

penis is circumcised, the protective foreskin is removed,

leaving the 'glans' or 'head of the penis' exposed to the

constant rubbing and chaffing of underwear.  The glans is

designed to be moist and very sensitive to touch and feel. 

When the foreskin is removed, many of the functions of

the penis are lost forever.

The surface membrane of the glans becomes

de-sensitised and thickens by up to twelve times it's

normal thickness.  This process is called 'keratinisation'. 

Although the SenSlip Foreskin  can never replace a

natural foreskin, it can act as a protective cover for the

glans.  Like a natural foreskin, the  SenSlip  will prevent

any exposure to rubbing or chaffing against clothing.