SenSlip Foreskin Fitting Guide 

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SenSlip Foreskin 2023 Fitting Guide

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Circumcised ? ...   Using the SenSlip Foreskin Increases Sensitivity

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Circumcision Survey                    Viafin - Atlas Ltd.  (United Kingdom)

      2005 - 2023

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 Anonymous Circumcision Survey  -  This Circumcision Survey is also replicated on several other websites.

Thank you for visiting this Circumcision Survey Page.  In recent years, many discussions and debates, have taken place regarding circumcision for non medical reasons.  There are many European countries taking part in these discussions along with the USA and Canada.  It is not for our Company, Viafin-Atlas Ltd. to take sides but it does seem that there has been, and still is much information promoting infant circumcision, not for the benefit of the Infant, but for the benefit of the individuals and organisations that carry out circumcisions.  The results of this survey  will be forwarded to the various government individuals of these countries at some stage in 2023.

We are carrying out this survey in 'good faith' and do not want to offend anyone.  If you are a strong person, please visit  

BOTCHED CIRCUMCISIONS   at our main Company Website first.

The Survey has just eight questions, for men and women.  In will only take a few moments and YOUR TIME is valued.  Please vote on each 'Poll' carefully.  You can see the results as you vote.  

Three questions are for both Men and Women, three questions are solely for men, and two questions are solely for women.  See the results as you vote.  The results so far, are already surprising !   January 2023  -  35000  people have completed the survey.